After many years of writing off bad debts every single year from customers not paying we finally decided enough was enough. I was constantly wondering if I am doing something wrong or mismanaging invoices? After banging my head against the wall, we started to talk to several other contractors and shockingly enough this wasn’t a problem that only we were dealing with. Every contractor we ran into had a story about how they got stuck with an unpaid bill from people that believe it or not they never checked out before going into business with. Its standard practice for people now days to take advantage of working guys like us. It’s not right but they have gotten away with it for so long. And let’s be serious it would be inconvenient and scare people away if you ran a credit check on every person you start to work for. Not to mention expensive. Well finally we decided to do something about it. A quick and easy back ground check from customer payment histories based strictly from their previous experience with contractors just like you. Guys, it’s time to stick together. If you get burned, tell the list about it. You can make sure they wont get away with it on the next guy. We have developed a quick and easy background check that takes seconds and can save you thousands per year.